Midtown Residence | NYC

This residence was designed to accommodate the needs of today's modern extended family within a 1800 square foot duplex in a Manhattan 160 unit co-op. Caseworks performed design and construction administration services.


Remodeling and Home Design


Concept and Design

The project required integrating several different functions into the space while keeping the feeling of a unified home. The family consists of five members where the husband worked at home as a vocal coach in the performing arts and required a quiet space secluded from the rest of the home. These conditions required the design to be both scalable and flexible.

        Floor Plan | 7th Floor                                                                                          Floor Plan | 8th Floor


The lower 700 square foot space of the duplex required a complete reworking of the existing layout. We created public, private and semi private zones, looking at the space as a series of movements with intermittent moments of stasis.

The central feature in the space is a winder staircase made of solid walnut. The stair telegraphs through the walls of both the bathroom and studio area. Relocation of the lower entrance door enabled that area to be used as a vocal studio where clients could come and go without disturbing the private areas of the home.

A key architectural element in the private space was a full height built-in cabinet unit that provided storage space for both bedrooms. Two fold-away trundle beds were built into the bottom of the cabinet that could be accessed from the children's room. The beds could be pulled out and left open when needed.